Closing Time

Closing week is here… My first actual post now that the madness has calmed… Let’s do this…

christmas house

This picture always makes me laugh.

I set my camera on the tailgate of our truck with a timer and ran to get this picture.

Tripped the first time…

It took 4 more tries to get one without our daughter flailing her arms around…

Josh is holding a wreath because I made him… Like threatened to poke him with a fake garland metal leaf made him…  He loves me.

It was the week of Christmas 2016 and I wanted to remember everything about it. We lived with his Mother while we built and I could not have been more happy to be there during the Holidays believe me.  Her house is like Pottery Barn meets Hobby Lobby during the Holidays and it will be some of my favorite memories but this memory right here will be with me forever.

We were supposed to be in the house by the time this photo was taken…  But schedules slip and contractors are terrible and life goes on.  We never stopped smiling.  We never stopped looking at the bright side.

Look, if you are building or are thinking of building put your bulletproof vest on because it wont stop.   The obstacles keep on coming like anything in life and you have to roll with them or you will look back and regret the journey you chose.

Never regret the journey.

I am going to cry tomorrow in the closing room with our lender.  We won’t get a set of keys in an office and walk into a professionally cleaned completed home at the end of this build.  We literally have cuts, bruises and war stories going into this closing… and I’m pretty sure I lost the keys like a month ago in the garage somewhere when I installed my own doorknobs…


That chapter is over now- we are here… and I cant wait to watch her run in that yard and sit on that porch and him to throw away that wreath when he unpacks it again…

Its about the journey… you have to know what it took to get you there to appreciate what you have.





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