Tenley Boo Boo

94% of the photos I have of our only child are candid- mostly as she’s studying something or playing.

I took thousands of pictures of her as a baby.  Then she had enough and now at almost five she does not do photos

The photos of her now definitely tell a greater story-

This picture for instance was right as we were moving in.  She loves that she can look out the window at her height.  She was naming all the birds in our field.  And singing the latest Disney song floating in her head.

She wants nothing to do with a camera. There is no candy bar or toy in the world that will even get her to smile when she sees the camera.

Keep naming those birds sweet child- I’ll capture those memories just as you are…

I’ve been looking at different ways to ‘keepsake’ her childhood milestones-  Do you use pictures or paper to capture your child’s triumphs in life?


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