Hello 29, Again…

The Boy celebrated his 30th- *ahem* 29 Again- Birthday over the last week.

Our first party in our new home.

I am a bit of a freak about my cooktop and countertops still.  I covered all of them with tableclothes and towels.  Not Kidding.

Tenley was the ‘hostest with the mostest’… omg did I really just use my mothers saying out loud…  guhhhhh _cringe_

“Mom, they need more watermelon out there!”

“Tenley, you just took a whole cut up watermelon out- there are only 4 people here-the party does not start for another 20 minutes…”

On and On and On… until she passed out in our bed at 11:45pm.


The week afterwards she kept telling me she wanted to make a cake for Dad for his birthday.  So off to the store we go.

Tenley knows a couple of things in this life for her are certain:

  1. She’s fought harder in her first days on Earth than some people will in a lifetime- (Y’all will learn more about this when I get a lil braver)
  2. “Mommy will never let you fall” is a literal and figurative statement.
  3. Daddy’s favorite color is Pink

Not saying #3 is true but my golly she is certain about it…

Things I’ve Learned Baking With a Toddler

(I like numbering things… if you haven’t noticed…)

  1. Teach them how to read ingredients.
    • Any chance I have to make her follow directions I do it.  Pillsbury and Betty Crocker make it so easy for you: they put pictures for their ingredients!
    • One day, when I have my ‘stuff’ together- I’ll make all of my favorite recipes into a Child-Friendly book so she can do this with her children too…. did i just say that… am I already making plans for my grandchildren. gosh 30 is offically that age when you think of this stuff?
  2.  Put your OCD’ness aside.
    • She cracks the eggs for me every time. Whether for breakfast, cakes, brownies… Shes cracking them.   Her technique has improved but my goodness the egg gooeyness is all on her hands and the table and her clothes and she might touch something I don’t see and SALMONELLA IS REAL PEOPLE.
    • The kitchen is an absolute mess afterwards.  But look at her smile.  There’s enough bleach in this world to conquer cook times in this household if it means I’ll get that smile.
  3. Let them show their creative side.
    • She picked it all out- from the confetti center to the pink frosting.  I learned when Tenley was very young that she is a force to be reckoned with.  She was adamant that this would be the perfect cake.  I look at baking a cake for him and think of the what if it had this filling and this mixed into the icing and how that is uneven that is not going to look right.  She sees a cake and that it is perfect.  Their worlds are so much simpler than ours at ’29 again’

…and she was right… he loved it…




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