The Other 7 Things I Learned From Our IKEA Kitchen Build…

So you have all 200 of your boxes accounted for and in order.

You have read your instructions.

You have your work-space clean and open

You are ready to build…

HERE are the OTHER 7 things I learned from our IKEA Kitchen Build:

    • You are going to be doing this all day, possibly all week if you have distractions like children, pets, lives or needing to eat to survive.  Depending on how many cabinets you have give yourself the time you need.img_8457.jpg
    • For us- we have a new construction- so we were able to pre-make a lot of our bases on a random Saturday night before the kitchen was ready for us and had them in a trailer.  Even with the prep work, we still spend a good week in total building and installing.
  2.  Is there another word for organize?

    Tenley sitting in our sink… watching Trolls… #parentingwin

    • There are baggies of screws and clips and covers in each box…. 234 boxes= 234 sets of screw, clips and covers.  I’m not joking.  The folks at IKEA are genius because they have figured out an affordable way to include every variation of a cabinet in one set- but the 234 baggies of screws they did not give any heads up about.
    • Save your extras until the projects complete.  The bag you throw away will be the first bag you need at 2am when you’re trying to finish up.
  3. The Peg Legs- flawed or fabulous?
    • There are these little black legs that come with the base cabinets that I completely hated when we started installing.  Why are these here?  Come to find out if you install them correctly they can be used to shim and shore up the bases.  Use them.  Use them correctly.  Like putting lipstick on a pig, they can straighten out that one horribly uneven cabinet that just doesn’t fit as well as the others.
    • We did opt to build our own island base and screwed them directly to a 2×4 base.  Don’t complicate it.  Measure at least two inches in from each exposed edge you will need a toe-kick and build a 2×4 box for the ground and add fillers on top to clear the toe-kick.  I researched this island build for days… and when i asked the boy what we should do he literally had it built in 20 minutes.  Keep It Simple Silly.
  4. Find all of your Appliance Installation manuals BEFORE you build the cabinet-
    • We went with IKEA appliances for cooktop, oven, microwave and dishwasher. The only reason I didn’t pick their fridge is because the cabinet depth french door did not have an ‘in-door’ ice option at the time.  First-world problems I’m aware.
    • Find the Manuals for these ahead of time.  If you put your microwave and oven in the same cabinet like we did it was hard to gauge how far the shelves needed to go.
  5. Toe-kicks- Yes, I almost returned them.
    • I don’t like to remember that I almost returned them because now after cleaning the kitchen for a month now not having to find forgotten Fruit Loops hidden under them.  I thought my crafty husband could come up with a cheaper alternative.  As soon as he looked at them he said immediately No.  “No, these are staying-these are going to be great”- somet
      imes he’s right?!?
    • They fit flush to the cabinet fronts and give it such a “built-in” look.  I never would have paid for this from cabinet store and for that
  6. Adjust the drawer fronts at the end.
    • For me, I was so burnt out building I couldn’t stand the meticulous task of making sure every drawer front was within 1/32 of flush and square.  I think I would have broken a door.
    • Thank goodness I did.  When all the cabinets are together, there was not much need for adjusting.  A couple here and there depending on what was beside it and done!
    • Don’t put on the hinge dampers until AFTER you’ve adjusted the cabinets.  Otherwise you’re taking everyone of those things off and on.
  7. Time to Celebrate… or put cabinet pulls on… either way
    • Grab a seat and admire your handiwork. You just built an entire kitchen from 234 boxes.  I think someone said this to me… May have been me… to myself.
    • Open and close the drawers a couple times. It is as fantastic as it was in the store.
    • This is also the time I went through with my registry and marked the cabinets I want to add interior organizers too.  Doing this on your print out will give you dimensions so you can see what size you have to work with when you’re at the store piling it into your bagcartimg_9494

I can remember points hating it.

However, as with everything in our home, I’ll talk about how much I love it far more than I talk about the struggle to get it.

All about that journey.


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